Look to us to bring energy to your special event with master of ceremonies and tailored music to fit your needs.  We can anticipate what you may need to make your event memorable. We are experienced in meeting the needs of various special events, guiding the flow of your event and setting a comfortable environment for you and your guests. 

lighting SERVICES

Let us transform the atmosphere of your special event through elegant intelligence lighting.  Our professional trained staff have an immense network of lighting designers throughout the world to stay up-to-date on the latest equipment, software and styles that can make your event unique.  Lighting sets the mood, contact us to discuss options.  

live sound services

What better than professionals with experience in supporting live music events to provide live sounds services to your special event.  Whether your need is music, a live presentation, or a portion of a ceremony, we have a tuned ear to ensure that you and your guests are hearing pleasant sounds.  Contact us with your needs. 


We are sought after to provide quality voice overs and announcements for theatrical productions, live events and organizational emails.  Contact us to meet the needs of your organization. 

A D J A - American Disc Jockey Association  

National and Local Member