About Sean

I am a third generation musician and come from a family of entertainers 


In my spare time I am a bandleader, guitar player and actor.  My father and grandmother were songwriters.  My grandfather was a church choir leader and my mother sang in a choir for a number of years.


I am an active  member of my local American Disc Jockey (DJ) Association along with other professional DJ group memberships


The local DJ association and professional groups serve as a forum to promote professional development in my field so I can bring you advanced skills and personalized service to your event.


I am a 20 year US Army Veteran


I promise not to march you into your reception unless it's your request.  For a period of 20 years I was expected to be on-time, flexible and work with others to achieve organizational success. That dedication I learned early in my life continues today.  I received numerous awards for excellence, but most important to me I made a difference in my community and served our nation.  I also understand military culture.    


My education includes a Master of Arts, in Communication Studies 


I love being present with others and obtaining my degree allowed me to better connect with people and understand how my unique interpersonal communication can change interactions for the positive.                                                                                                                                                                                         

I had a lot of pressure to get things right the first time and have made a positive difference making people feel welcome which results in a great time for all.  Well, I didn’t just write scripts, timelines and lead as a master of ceremonies, I also acted in church plays some that garnered audiences of 15,000 and played guitar and perform vocals.  I’m comfortable in front of an audience and it seems I’m often sought after to provide speeches, function as an announcer and have performed voice overs supporting live productions.  

I know how to make an event elegant and fun which keeps a party alive.  I enjoy making an event special, wonderful and memorable.