I provide quality DJ Services to your reception, party or corporate event that you need to keep the vibe alive.  I keep your celebration rocking by being in tune with you and your guests.  Not all DJs understand reading the room and few DJs, like me, are musicians themselves.  Reading the room results in a DJ performance that is experiences the moment.  Anyone can play music, but I have experience in live musical performance in which I have changed the experience for the positive in the room taking my clients to a place they could not imagine or dream of going. 


I spend on average 5 to 7 hours a week in music and lighting professional development as well as networking with DJs in the profession throughout the world, enjoy mentoring others in the field and being mentored as well.  I am an active member of professional DJ trade and education groups where I keep up-to-date on the latest trends and skills that can energize your event.  Call or email today and I can discuss options with you.