Giving Back


Shining City Music Entertainment is dedicated to service in our local community to ensure our home a better place for those in need.  We realize that our skills and talents weren't bestowed upon us only for our own success, and we have a responsibility to encourage, serve and comfort others.  On occasion we will dedicate our time and resources to ensure a non-profit charitable event shines by receiving quality DJ and Lighting Services.  We choose events on a case-by-case basis.  


Night to Shine Silicon Valley 2017


We at Shining City Music Entertainment were honored to provide DJ Services to Night to Shine Silicon Valley 2017 ensuring our guests with special needs enjoyed an exciting and joyful event they would cherish for a lifetime.  We had an amazing time partnering with volunteers and vendors who were committed to providing our honored guests with an amazing dance experience.  We were blessed beyond measure seeing the smiles on our honored guests' faces as they danced the night away.  We encourage each and every one of you to consider volunteering for Night to Shine next year and/or financially donating to ensure more guests can be served.   

Night to Shine Silicon Valley 2017 Pictures